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If you are a writer or researcher in the organic optimization field, contact us to see if you quality for courtesy Dataline Credits (for non-commercial use only).

SE ANALYST offers 2 services: Reporting and Consulting

SE ANALYST Reporting

SE ANALYST is a comprehensive data-mining and benchmarking tool specifically designed to measure primary search engine optimization attributes of top ranked web pages and user defined or custom URLs. The tool gathers more than 30 metrics in the 3 primary attributes. Then, blends the metrics to calculate page value relative to a keyword.

Number of Datalines (per job) Incremental Price
1-100 $1.75
101-1000 $1.40 (20%)
Greater than 1000 $1.05 (40%)
Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Example: If a SE ANALYST job contained 350 Datalines, the first 100 Datalines would be priced at $1.75 each and the remaining 250 Datalines would be priced at $1.40 each. The total job would have a cost of $525.00.
Advanced Dataline credits are available for purchase at the following prices (6 month expiration).
Number of Datalines
(Advanced Credits)
100 Dataline Credits $140.00 (20% discount)
1000 Dataline Credits $1,050.00 (40% discount)
Advanced Dataline credits may be applied to any SE ANALYST job regardless of the number of total Datalines.

Total Datalines = number of keywords x (rank depth + number of custom URLs). Example: 10 keywords; 20 deep, 2 custom URLs = 10 x (20+2) = 220.
Additional Information
Typical processing time 2.5 minutes per Dataline. Most jobs complete within 72 hours
Specification and Reference Guide
  A B C
Keyword phrases (can include multiple term keywords and variations) 5 10 40
Rank Depth 10 20 20
Custom URLs 1 5 5
Total Datalines 55 250 1000
Total SE ANALYST Reporting Fee $96.25 $350.00 $1050.00
Estimate Run Time (8 high speed servers) 1.75 hrs 7.0 hrs 27.0 hrs
1 A Dataline is a single line (row) of data covering all metric values for one web accessible page.
2 Some metric gathering has been purposely slowed to respect search engine server loading.
3 Estimated Run Time does not include jobs that may already be in queue.

Data reported by SEANALYST, which is attained from sources that do not permit the selling of their data, are expressly excluded from SEANALYST fees. Such data includes but is not limited to data attained from search engine query results. For this reason, SE ANALYST does not guarantee the validity or the reliability of the information it reports.

Fees for SEANALYST services are restricted to data formatting, compiling and consulting.
Test Drive
Take SE ANALYST for a ‘spin’. Login as a ‘GUEST’ and take a look around. As a GUEST, you will not be able to process any new jobs, but you can see how SE ANALYST works.

SE ANALYST Consulting

Need a guiding hand? Let SE ANALYST engineers guide you through the process.

Services Pricing
Keyword Research
Starting with a short list from you, SE ANALYST engineers:
  • Supplement your list with potential keywords we find on your site
  • Expand the list to include all variations using Wordtracker.
  • Add search frequency (Wordtracker)
  • Add Adwords (or equivalent) bid prices
  • Develop a short list of the best keyword choices for further SE ANALYST reporting.
Load SE ANALYST jobs.
Just email ( keywords and payment information and we will load your job. (don’t email your credit card number).
Interpret SE ANALYST Reports
  • Color code metric weaknesses and strengths by keyword (display in Excel)
  • Written summary of weaknesses and strengths
  • Includes 45 minute phone consult
Develop Keyword Strategy based on previously run SE ANALYST job.
  • Best keywords for strategic website pages on your website
  • Develop keyword map
  • Includes 45 minute phone consult

Deep Technical Site Analysis – For new websites and webmasters who want to make sure their organic optimization efforts will produce the best possible results.

  • Detailed review of website construction and organic marketing obstacles
  • Includes written report and 45 min consultation
Comprehensive Consulting Services
  • Deep Technical Site Analysis
    • Make sure there are no outstanding technical issues which would preclude optimization success
  • Keyword Research
  • Load initial SE ANALYST job (best discount rate)
  • Develop Keyword Strategy
  • Interpret SE ANALYST Reports (7 months) (best discount rate)
    • Strategic keywords
    • Strategic site pages
Consulting services by the hour (4 hour minimum) $150.00
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