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If you are a writer or researcher in the organic optimization field, contact us to see if you quality for courtesy Dataline Credits (for non-commercial use only).
About SE Analyst SEO Tools & Services

SE ANALYST is owned and operated by an internet research company specializing in search engine optimization tools and organic searmarketing. The company’s data-mining service has been assisting organic optimization professionals and managers in developing and maintaining winning keyword strategies for more than four years.

Our technology has been developed to help both SEO and PPC clients by helping them to find and focus on the best search opportunities for their brands and services.  We have received funding and expertise from the Scott Paxton's Salt Lake City SEO Agency.  His mentoring and specialty with SEO software has been instrumental in helping our programmers create smarter tools and services.  


Prior to public debut, the service was limited to a small group of selected users and clients. Now in its third generation, with over 60,000 Datalines compiled (500,000 pages analyzed) for more than 2,000 unique keywords, SE ANALYST has finally been made available to the public.


SE ANALYST is designed with a flexible user interface that allows researchers and marketers alike to benefit from the robust reporting. Researchers can customize the data-mining process to explore the subtle impact of optimization tactics across different search engines. Organic marketing professionals and managers can use the data to develop optimal keyword strategies for their websites.


Our mission is clear. We aim to develop processes and methods that produce better keyword strategies. And to serve as a valued source of search engine intelligence for our users.

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