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... a comprehensive data mining and reporting service for SEO Marketing managers & professionals.
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Achieving better organic rankings starts with formulating a better plan. And formulating a better plan starts with harvesting more knowledge. That's where SE ANALYST comes in. SE ANALYST compiles website page metrics that most affect rankings for top-ranked pages. That way, you can maximize your keyword strategy.

If you are an SEO Marketing Expert or professional, you already understand the value of knowing why pages rank well. Instead of guessing how much "organic energy" a web page needs to compete for a keyword space, SE ANALYST quantifies the strength of currently ranking pages. Once these metrics are weighted and combined through a non-linear algorithm that models actual search engine results, a winning keyword strategy is born.

SE ANALYST is all about maximizing your organic rankings in the search engines. Functioning as a comprehensive data-mining tool, SE ANALYST compiles more than 30 ranking attributes for the specific purpose of building an optimal keyword strategy.

Once that strategy has been implemented, SE ANALYST can also help you measure and monitor progress. As you implement changes to your pages, you will be able to run SE ANALYST again to see how those changes have affected your organic energy.

Our philosophy is best expressed in our motto:   Knowledge precedes understanding! Roll over the links to the left for a comprehensive overview or click here to read more.

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Keyword Variations
Keyword Variations - Analyze based on semantically similar keywords produces a more accurate assessment of website page strength.
Enhanced KDA
Enhanced KDA - Keyword Density Analysis (KDA) based on precise, broad and part matching means more complete scoring.
Backlink Filters
Backlink Filters - Five (5) user definable filters assess backlinks and PageRank quality.
Scoring Algorithm
Non-Linear Scoring Algorithm - User definable scoring system summarizes the value of each website pages / group; a critical step in the development of a winnable keyword strategy.
Advanced Dataline Purchase
Advanced Dataline Purchase - Users may purchase jobs on a demand bases (credit card purchase only) or make an advanced purchase to secure the largest discount.
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